Agenda & Minutes

Below is a table of agendas and minutes for regular, special, and workshop meetings starting with the most recent and going back to June 2003. If you need information prior to June 2003 of the information you are looking for is not listed below, please contact the City Secretary via email.  These records are in PDF format. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these files, and it is available at the Adobe website for free. Click here to go to the free Acrobat Reader download page. 

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2022 Agendas and Minutes

Date Agendas Minutes
09/27/2022 City Council Meeting  
09/27/2022 City Council Workshop  
09/08/2022 EDC Meeting  
08/23/2022 City Council Meeting  
08/23/2022 City Council Special Meeting (Tax Rate Public Hearing)  
08/19/2022 City Council Special Meeting (Budget Public Hearing)  
08/08/2022 City Council Special Meeting 08/08/2022 Council Special Meeting Minutes
08/02/2022 City Council Special Meeting 08/02/2022 Council Special Meeting Minutes
08/02/2022 City Council Workshop 08/02/2022 Workshop Minutes
07/26/2022 City Council Meeting 07/26/2022 Council Minutes
07/20/2022 City Council Special Meeting 07/20/2022 Council Special Meeting Minutes
07/14/2022 EDC Meeting  
07/04/2022 City Council Possible Quorum 07/04/2022 Possible Quorum Minutes
07/01/2022 City Council Emergency Meeting 07/01/2022 Council Emergency Meeting Minutes
06/29/2022 City Council Workshop 06/29/2022 Council Workshop Minutes
06/28/2022 City Council Meeting 06/28/2022 Council Minutes
06/28/2022 Joint Public Hearings – Garage Regulations

City Council Special Meeting

Planning & Zoning Meeting

06/28/2022 Council Special Minutes
06/08/2022 Council Budget Workshop 06/08/2022 Budget Workshop Minutes
05/27/2022 City Council Possible Quorum

Kick Off to Summer

05/27/2022 Possible Quorum Minutes
05/24/2022 City Council Meeting – No Live Stream

at Training Center due to Elections

05/24/2022 Council Minutes
05/24/2022 Council Workshop – No Live Stream

at Training Center due to Elections

05/24/2022 Workshop Minutes
05/24/2022 Joint Public Hearing – Cancelled

Garage Regulations

No Minutes – JPH was cancelled
05/17/2022 Town Hall – Dorrance Lane Construction

Live Stream NOT available for this meeting due to Elections.

05/17/2022 Town Hall Minutes
05/12/2022 EDC Meeting  
04/26/2022 City Council Meeting 04/26/2022 Council Minutes
04/26/2022 Planning & Zoning Meeting  
04/26/2022 City Council Special Meeting 04/26/2022 Special Meeting Minutes
04/26/2022 City Council Workshop 04/26/2022 Workshop Minutes
04/26/2022 Notice of Joint Public Hearings

US59 Electronic Signs

SUP – Jiffy Lube

04/26/2022 JPH Minutes
03/22/2022 City Council Meeting 03/22/2022 Council Minutes
03/22/2022 Public Hearing – Regarding Garages 03/22/2022 – Special Session – PH Minutes
03/10/2022 EDC Meeting  
03/08/2022 City Council Workshop 03/02/2022 Council Workshop Minutes
02/22/2022 City Council Meeting

This meeting will not be live as it will be held at the Training Center.

02/22/2022 Council Minutes
02/15/2022 City Council Workshop 02/15/2022 Council Workshop Minutes
01/25/2021 City Council Meeting 01/25/2022 Council Minutes
01/25/2021 P&Z Meeting  
01/25/2022 Joint Public Hearing Notice

City Council JPH Agenda

01/25/2022 Council  JPH Minutes
01/20/2022 EDC Meeting  
01/11/2022 City Council Special Meeting 01/11/2022 Special Council Minutes