Sex Offender Restriction

Sex Offender Registration Map The safety of our community, and in particular, the safety of our children is one of the highest priorities of Meadows Place residents. In an ongoing effort to make our City as safe as possible for all residents, the City has passed an ordinance restricting individuals convicted of certain sexual offenses from living within 1000 feet of an area where children normally congregate, which includes but is not limited to schools, parks and community centers. Due to the relatively small size of Meadows Place, this area encompasses a large portion of our City. Additionally, property owners are restricted from knowingly renting property to those individuals specified above. To the best of our knowledge, Meadows Place is the first city in Fort Bend County to pass such an ordinance, which is a testament to the progressive nature of our City. Click here or the map above to see a full size map of the restricted area.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact City Hall at the numbers below.

Contact Information

Phone: (281) 983-2900
Fax: (281) 983-2915