Cop Talk Article

Meadows Place Police Department

Gary Stewart
Chief of Police

The City of Meadows Place and the Meadows Place Police Department take the safety and security of the community serious and want to make sure you are prepared during the Hurricane Season and for any emergency that may arise. Emergencies can happen at a moment’s notice; mobility, hearing, learning, or seeing disabilities can create specific needs that individuals need to address to be able to respond to an emergency. We urge everyone to make plans for their safety which may include the evacuation of those with special needs, their caregivers, family or service animals. There are several resources to assist with planning; registering with the Meadows Place Police Department is your first step.

Residents of the City of Meadows Place are encouraged to contact the Meadows Place Police Department to register. This may be done via email (, telephone (281) 983-2900, or in person at One Troyan Dr Meadows Place, Texas. We can also assist with your registration for the State of Texas as well. The registration will assist First Responders in emergency situations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all members of the community.

Additional resources:

The Red Cross:

The State of Texas:

The Meadows Place Police Department is here to assist the community, please give us a call for additional information or assistance (281) 983-2900