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Meadows Place is...Your Place for Life

The City of Meadows Place is committed to improving the quality of life in our community. Code Enforcement works hard and diligently with each and every resident and property owners to maintain the status of our city as a clean, livable and a safe place by routinely patrolling the neighborhood, responding to complaints and investigating code violations. Daily activities include; removal of illegal signs, identifying non-permitted work, and enforcement of the City Codes of Ordinances including zoning ordinance.

Our Code Enforcement Flow Chart explains how violations are handled here in Meadows Place.

(Please note that it is  NOT required that we issue a warning notice before issuing a citation).

We all want to show pride in our community and together we can also build the values of our homes and properties. We all would like to be considered “good” neighbors, and also have the same expectations of the family living next door. It is difficult to know what expectations your neighbors have of you, and you also may not know what expectations the City has, so the City has put together a list of 10 common issues that some of you may not be familiar with.

Attention Renters and Landlords:

The City of Meadows Place requires that homeowners wishing to rent/lease their property to another individual, must apply for and obtain a yearly Residential Rental Property License.
If you are a tenant, and your home is not registered, you should contact your landlord immediately to have him/her complete the application and submit it to the Permits Department (This will prevent fines & court appearances for non-compliance). A link is provided below to the information packet that explains the process, as well as the application form.


Here are the “Top 10” list of most common violations in our City:

Solid Waste, Recycling & Trash Cans (§130.09(A)): Please be sure that you are not placing items curbside for collection any sooner than the evening (18 hours before OR after 1:00 pm) prior to the next scheduled trash pick-up. Trash days are Tuesdays & Fridays. Friday is heavy trash day & Recycling.
(Empty trash cans & recycle bins need to be removed from the curbside promptly the day that they are collected. All trash cans must be stored out of public view). This means that you may not store your cans in front of your garage door, or at the side of the house if they can be seen anywhere from the street or sidewalks. §130.09(D) -Except when placed at curbside for pickup, garbage cans or receptacles shall at all times be stored behind a fence, enclosure or shall otherwise be screened from view.


Boats & RV’s: Boats & RV’s cannot be stored in public view. If you are making preparations for or returning from a trip and need to clean your boat or R.V., please send an email to Code Enforcement listing the dates you will be bringing in your R.V. or boat.


Grass & Weeds (§91.039): Grass & weeds cannot exceed 9 inches in height. Each resident also needs to keep the cracks of concrete clear from grass / weeds AND edging must be done along all edges of grass and concrete.


Inoperable Vehicles & Junked Vehicles (§91.065): Vehicles must be kept in good working condition and must be legally registered and displaying a current registration as required by law.


Animal Control Violations: No dog may Run at Large within the city. Animals that are outside of their normal enclosure must be restrained by a leash and under the control of a capable owner or keeper.  In addition, when in public, you must pick up after your pet (§90.03). The maximum allowable number of pets per household is 4 (dogs & cats) over the age of 4 months (§90.06).


Stumps (§91.050): All tree stumps shall be ground or cut to ground level or be removed.


Inoperable Gas Light Posts: Non-functioning gas lamps can pose a potential risk and need to have the gas line capped by a licensed plumber prior to the removal of the lamp post.


Tree Minimum Height Clearance (§130.07(B)): It shall be unlawful for anyone to maintain trees, shrubs or other vegetative material upon a public street or right-of-way without keeping the same property trimmed so as to provide a minimum clearance measured from the pavement to the lowest limb, branch or part thereof extending over the sidewalk of not less than 10 feet and over the street/pavement of not less than 16 feet.


 Junk, Trash & Debris: Yards need to be kept clear of any accumulation of debris, which includes old newspapers or circulars and other excessive accumulations of debris. All yards (front & rear) are required to be kept in a sanitary manner.


Fences (§153.071(A)(1)): Fences must be maintained in good condition. If your fence is not structurally sound or has missing pickets then it needs to have maintenance performed. In all residential districts of the City, no fences shall be constructed to a height in excess of eight (8) feet.

It is very easy to be taken over by the speed in which your life is moving by, and by focusing yourself on completing your laundry list of tasks that you may not notice someone else who is in need. Please remember that we are a COMMUNITY. We have residents of every age and walk of life. A simple task of trimming back a tree branch 10 feet above the sidewalk or putting away a trash can from the curb to behind a fence may not be a problem for most people, but it may be a huge obstacle for another. Please be mindful of your neighbor’s needs and offer assistance if you are able. You can also contact City Hall if you are not able to assist them and we will try to find them assistance when possible.

Please remember that if you receive a Notice of Violation letter from Code Enforcement regarding a code violation, contact code enforcement if you are not able to complete or abate the violation at the given time included in the letter IMMEDIATELY to avoid charges filed against you in Municipal Court.

“Code compliance is an intricate and valuable function for our city. Compliance with codes is essential to preventing crime, protection of public safety, preserving property values and avoiding deterioration of our community.”

The goal of the city is to provide education and offer assistance to rectify Meadows Place code violations in a timely manner”.   Mayor Charles Jessup.


Occupancy Inspection form

Occupancy Inspection Requirement Information Sheet

Rental Registration Information Packet

Application for Residential Rental Property License

To report a violation contact Code Enforcement:

Jennifer Cabello, Code Enforcement Officer

Phone: (281) 983-2938
Fax: (281) 983-2940


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