T-L-C Program

The T-L-C Program (Print a Brochure) or pick up a copy at the Meadows Place Police Department

Auto Burglary is a “Crime of Opportunity.” Every 2 ½ minutes in Texas, another vehicle is broken into. To protect the citizens of Meadows Place from becoming a victim of this type of crime, Meadows Place Police Department has initiated a Burglary of Motor Vehicle (BMV) protection through education program.

This program, known as T-L-C, reminds Meadows Place residents and visitors to:

Take Out Valuables

Lock Your Vehicle

Close Your Windows

As part of the program, Meadows Place Police Officers randomly check vehicles parked in city streets, driveways and business parking lots for items that would attract a potential burglar and make the vehicle owner a crime victim. After inspecting the vehicles for valuables left in plain sight and after checking for unlocked doors or open windows, the officer fills out the “Report Card” portion of the educational brochure. When possible, the officer will review the findings with the owner to make sure they understand the importance of this project and how a little T-L-C can help protect them and their neighbors in the future. If the owner is not available, the officer will leave it on the windshield of the vehicle indicating whether the vehicle passed or failed. If a vehicle fails, the officer will clearly indicate the reason for the failure. In addition to the Report Card, the brochure contains numerous crime prevention tips and other valuable information.

This is a proactive crime prevention initiative designed to educate Meadows Place citizens and visitors alike. If everyone follows the guide attached to the report card, we can reduce the chance that anyone will ever become a victim of this very preventable crime. Remember, if we all practice T-L-C, it will force the burglars to shop somewhere else!