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Why Meadows Place



ONE SQUARE MILE OF WONDERFUL – From its prime location along U.S. Highway 59 off Beltway 8, Meadows Place is the closest city in Fort Bend County to Houston. We offer easy access to major metropolitan area amenities, including the arts, sporting events, entertainment, dining, shopping and the Texas Medical Center. We also have a wide variety of retail and medical facilities, as well as a number of outdoor activity options, right here in our own community.



  • 1,861 Households
    • 24.5 % have children under the age of 18 
    • 43.7% are married couples
    • 27.8% have single female householder
    • Average household size is 2.52
    • Average family size is 3.26


  • Median household income $78,396
  • Median family income $95,262

Source: United States Census Bureau

City Tax Rate

  • Tax Rate This budget is based on a tax rate of $0.7996 per $100 of assessed value (2023-2024).  Note: there are no additional MUD, HOA or Levy District taxes in the City of Meadows Place.

Benefits for Businesses

  • The City of Meadows Place is just one square mile. A small town in a town where the best of business, lifestyle, education and transportation converge.  A place for young professionals to live and work. Our Meadows Place Police Department, one of the finest in Texas, is committed to protecting our city and maintaining positive business relationships. Fire and EMS coverage is outstanding with some of the fastest response times in the nation. The City of Meadows Place was awarded an ISO Class 1 rating which represents superior property fire protection throughout the City and translates to lower fire insurance rates for Meadows Place business owners.  Meadows Place is always business friendly.

Monthly Business Highlights