Boards and Commissions

Are you interested in serving on a Board or Commission?

Serving on a Meadows Place Board or Commission offers an excellent opportunity to provide input and insight for improvement of the City’s operations and, the community itself.  There is a minimal time commitment, however, your presence can make a significant difference.  City Boards and Commissions are open to all Meadows Place residents and all are welcome.  You can also serve as an Alternate.  Serving is voluntary – there is no financial compensation.  Applications can be obtained from the City Secretary.  

Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z) considers the impact of proposed development and zoning changes to the City.  Zoning ordinances have been put in place to prevent possible misuse of property in the City which could decrease the surrounding property values or decrease the quality of life for residents.  The Board seeks to achieve a balance between the needs of business and the rights of property owners while encouraging economic prosperity and development for the city.  The Board’s recommendations are used by the Mayor and City Council to make decisions regarding such changes.  P&Z may also review requests from home owners and residents who wish to do something to their home that may not have been allowed in the past, or that may not be covered and require a change in the zoning ordinances and can cover a  wide range of items.  Additional information may be found in the Meadows Place Code of Ordinances Section 153.031 and Section 153.033.

Board Commissioners:

Sean Ulrey – Appointed 12/21/2021

Matt Oltremari – Appointed 01/26/2021

Mike Elmore – Appointed 12/21/2021

Meredith Smith – Appointed 1/26/2021

Alternate Members/ Date Appointed: Stuart Barrowman-12/21/2021;Sammy Skemp – 12/21/2021; Anne Greene -12/21/2021

Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment (“BOA”) is responsible for considering applications for special exceptions or variances to the Zoning Code (Chapter 150 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Meadows Place, Texas). Homeowners, landowners, or their agents, apply to the Building Official for a hearing.  Formal dockets, which must be legally advertised, are scheduled for the BOA.  Meetings are held to hear testimony on the applications. The BOA determines the outcome of all applications.  Additional information may be found in the Meadows Place Code of Ordinances Section 153.032

Board Members:

David Piwonka – Appointed 12/21/2021

Chris Gawlick – Appointed 12/21/2021

Terry Henley – Appointed 12/21/2021

Joe DeBruyn – Appointed 12/21/2021

David Lantz –  Appointed 12/21/2021

Alternate Members/ Date Appointed: Joseph Wymon-12/21/2021; Audrey St. Germain-12/21/2021;Ken Smith-12/21/2021;                                                                                                                      Ping Law-12/21/2021