Streets and Right-of-Ways

Meadows Place Public Works Department, is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of our city streets (also referred to as pavement or roadway) and our right-or-ways. Our pavement and easement have been in place  for over 44 years and are constantly shifting and moving around.

Yearly, the public works department will make many repairs using methods like the following;

  • Mud Pumping – This is a method where we drill a series of 2″ holes through the pavement and use a concrete slurry (Mud) and pump the mud through the holes and this raises the pavement. The slurry hardens below acting as a raised foundation. Using this method allows the city to adjust the pavement to allow water to drain to the nearest downstream inlet. This method is also faster with minimal roads closed or detours. Mud pumping projects are normally complete in one day and the roadway is back open for business with less inconvenience for our residents. We use this method due the its cost effectiveness.
  • Asphalt – We use asphalt where the pavement is breaking up. Sometimes we use asphalt over top of a mud pumped section to glue together the surface cracks and exposed aggregate. Using these methods are still much more cost effective that remove and replace pavement.
  • Repairs using concrete – This method of repair is used where the pavement has heaved or is broken up. This method is also the most costly over mud pumping and asphalt.


Sidewalk Repairs as of January 2021 and Future

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