Superior Schools

If you are looking for a fun safe city in which to raise your children, but want to make sure they will receive a quality education, then Meadows Place is the place to be. As a part of the nationally renowned Fort Bend Independent School District, you can rest assured your children will receive a well rounded quality education.

Meadows Elementary is the heart of our city and has received an ‘Exemplary’ scholastic rating, has outstanding creative arts programs, and is a place “where teachers love to teach” – and it shows. Meadows Elementary has a low, stable, student population which enables great student/teacher and parent/teacher relationships to develop. In fact, many of the students attending Meadows Elementary today have parents that attended there and many of the teachers and staff actually live in Meadows Place. At Meadows Elementary – they care – and they are excited to be teaching future generations in a new 21st Century Learning Center that opened in 2021.


From Meadows Elementary the students move on to John Foster Dulles Middle School. They specialize in student transition and prepare them well for high school. This is where they are introduced to the multi-class environment and the opportunity to participate in a multitude of outstanding extracurricular activities. Students at Dulles Middle School will be part of an environment that strives for academic excellence in a safe, calm environment.  This is especially important for the middle school years.



Dulles High School has a long proud tradition in Ft. Bend ISD which has culminated most recently in Dulles being named by Texas Monthly as one of the best public schools in Texas.  It also received the highest possible rating in the national AYP review. In an attempt to better prepare our children for higher education and to compete in a global economy, Dulles High was recently modernized and received a brand new science wing with new laboratories. They also got a new administrative and math wing. It doesn’t stop there, to complete your child’s education Dulles offers award winning fine arts programs, a variety of clubs and organizations and competitive sports programs that range from baseball to volleyball. As a Dulles grad, your child will be well rounded and well prepared.

As a parent, you can be confident of the school district, the schools, and the teachers that will be working with and for your children. Ft. Bend ISD and the City Meadows Place – A Winning Combination and Your Place for Life!

Watch the video below to learn about how the community came together to save Meadows Elementary.

Click here to view time-lapse videos of the schools construction