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Kirkwood Questions Answered

Folks have called and stopped by City Hall to ask what they are surveying on Kirkwood.  The short answer is – The surveyors are the front end of the engineering for the renovation and reconstruction of S. Kirkwood from basically Brook Meadows to Scottsdale.    This engineering study will last 8 to 9 months with construction starting sometime after that.  FYI- This is part of the Fort Bend Mobility Bond project which funded the vast majority of the project.  Just like Airport was.

For those that are new, back in 2010, Texas Transportation Institute recommended changing Kirkwood from four lanes to two, taking out the stop signs and replacing them with modern roundabouts.  This was cause for years of additional studies and discussions culminating in a town meeting in Oct. 2015 with all parties involved.   In January of this year, HGAC submitted a second engineering Traffic Study, which included community input from the town meeting, recommended “Alternative 6 with single-lane roundabouts and two-lane cross-section along Kirkwood Road provide the most efficient and safest operations at all four unsignalized intersections….”.  In other words – four modern roundabouts.

The report, which the city posted on it’s website in February 2016, stated the many, many benefits of converting to modern roundabouts.  Today “many municipalities are using roundabouts as a “gateway” into an area “and I believe we will be able to do that too. This will be a beautiful entryway into our city, separate us from Alief/Houston and set a new standard for Meadows Place for decades.  If you have ANY questions about what is going on or how it will affect you, please feel free to call me at any time.

To look at the report – go to :

City Receives Kirkwood Recommendation

Thank You –

Charles Jessup

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