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Wall of Heroes at City Hall


Wall of Heroes at Meadows Place City Hall

The Wall of Heroes is a special place set aside at Meadows Place City Hall and is designed to honor the brave men and women of Meadows Place who are serving in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines or Reserves. Retired Veterans may also be honored on the Wall of Heroes.

To have a photo placed on our Wall of Heroes, the service person must be or have been a Meadows Place resident who has a relative currently living in Meadows Place.

It is the relative’s responsibility to coordinate with the Parks & Recreation Department the purchase, placement and removal of the plaque for the Wall of Heroes. The plaque is the property of the relative who purchased it and may be removed at any time.

Please contact the Parks & Recreation Department below to be added to the Wall of Heroes. The service person’s relative must purchase the Wall of Heroes plaque from M&M Awards & More. This is an 8″x10″ oak veneer plaque with a 5″x7″ plexi-glass photo cover and three lines of laser etched print which has the service person’s name, branch of service and overseas area of deployment. A 5″x7″ portrait photo is required, preferably in uniform and must be supplied to M&M Awards & More to be attached to the plaque. The cost of the plaque is approximately $34.50 plus tax.

Thank you for participating the Meadows Place wall of Heroes program!


City of Meadows Place
Parks & Recreation Department


M&M Awards & More


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