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Texas Women’s Univerity Nursing Students do research in Meadows Place

A group of bright, energetic and very intelligent young ladies invaded Meadows Place as part of a medical research study. The students are all in their last semester of nursing school and are about to move out into the medical world looking to put their newfound knowledge into practice. They all plan to go into Hospital nursing with some pursuing specialties such as Pediatric,  Recovery/ ICU and  Medical- Surgical otherwise known as Med-Surg.  All tough fields requiring tons of training and the trip to Meadows Place was part of that training. These students  did a field study asking residents lots of questions pertaining to health and safety concerns, (note, they found out our residents felt safe!) as well as questions about the community, transportation and access to health care.   Then Ms. Demello, who is a Meadows Place resident, brought the students to City Hall to interviTWUew the Mayor.  The questions relevant, very thorough, interesting and dealt with a myriad of issues ranging from how a city works, dissemination of information in an emergency situation to mosquito control. Meadows Place is proud to have these ladies of our medical future choose Meadows Place for their study.

(l-r) Nzeady Hope ,  Guadalupe Valdez ; Rosemary Perez;  Mayor Charles Jessup;  Annalyn Demello-Instructor;   Janie Nguyen;   Ogbeide Iziegbe,

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