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Ribbon Cutting Signals Beautiful Beginning

Thanks to everyone who came out to watch the Ribbon Cutting for the Meadows Place Monarch Migration program. We had kids from Meadows Elementary (teachers and Principals too), folks from the Active Adults, Home & Garden Club, Community Garden and some that just stopped by to see what was going on. This is going to be a big deal for Meadows Place as we will be the host city for the program and the city lifted as an example to other cities, large and small showing what CAN be done when the people care. Thanks again for the great turnout.

This project will create habitat for all kinds of critters from butterflies to bees – which is a good thing. In addition to providing host and feeder plants for Monarch butterflies, the bees it will provide for will help our flowers, our trees, our backyard veggies and, our community garden. Finally, a BENEFICIAL unintended consequence.   Thank you to Barbara Wiley of Monarch Gateway; Jim Willis of Wildlife Habitat Federation, Mark Woodson, President and Scott Bosard, Habitat Chair from the Brazos River Prairie and Quail Forever foundations.    This is a big deal – all stemming from the efforts of a little one square mile city.  Meadows Place will be the host city for future Monarch Migration Celebrations.  Thanks to all involved and Thank YOU for the outpouring of public support.

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