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New Business moving to Meadows Place

James Coney Island is closing….and Cabo Bob’s is moving in. Soon.  Their overall building plans have been approved by BBG but their fire related plans have to be resubmitted. Hopefully this week, with construction starting pretty quickly.  

You may be familiar with Cabo Bob’s but I was not.  They are headquartered in Austin but have a few locations in Houston. Seems like it will be a great addition to our city that should appeal to all ages. Grassfed beef, fresh, not frozen chicken,  lots of freshly made stuff and Sodas from Dublin Bottling Company (no High Fructose corn syrup). Seems like a very cool place and from what I hear, the food is quite tasty. Now I won’t have to cross the freeway for my tacos….  Will let you know when the opening date is set.   After looking at the menu, I can’t wait to try out Cabo Bob’s in Meadows Place!


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