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Meadows Place Video Released

Being only 1 square mile, it is sometimes difficult to share the story of the Meadows Place resurgence, renaissance and revitalization. “The city hopes this videos will play an important role in telling our story to people. Meadows Place always feels alive. People ride their bike or walk at the park of play when they come home. Sometimes it looks like I’m walking on a movie set or something and I believe this video captures that, and more.”   said Mayor Charles Jessup.    

Tom Erickson and Liz Wilcox of Erickson advertising are “proud to  have put out a video showcasing the safety, the social interaction and the community Meadows Place enjoys every day.”

Bob Graf and the Meadows Place EDC knew that the Internet and Social media are literally changing how we communicate and feel the use of videos like this will influence the future direction of the city. That is why the EDC funded Cinematographer Donald Kilgore to do the filming and production and employed Erickson Advertising to oversee the script, casting and message of the video. Note: everyone in the video either lives in or works in Meadows Place…or both!

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