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Meadows Place Scores in Poll Aimed at Seniors

Hot on the heels of a poll ranking Meadows Place as a great place for Young Professionals, a poll targeted at persons of retirement age named Meadows Place one of the best places in the greater Houston area for retirees live.  Location, safety, cost, ease of access to health care and big city amenities all played a part in placing Meadows Place so high on the list. A wide variety of housing stock is also available to these empty nesters in this one square mile city. Having its own police force and fire station already in place, Meadows Place will soon house an ambulance and EMS crew. Safety and security are important to seniors so being a great place for retired persons comes as no surprise to the Young Professionals who moved here 40 years ago and stayed.  They know it is a great place to live and would advise anyone, of any age, to come see why we call Meadows Place – Your Place for Life!

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