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Meadows Place receives a good report from Moody’s

  In general, the higher the bond rating, the more favorable the terms will be for the bond issuer. High-rated bonds have lower interest rates because investors need less compensation for the risk of default. That leads to lower borrowing costs for bond issuers. A high rating is an indicator of a strong financial position.

Meadows Place Aa3 rating is the fourth highest rating in Moody’s Long-term Corporate Obligation Rating. This rating category indicates that the issuer has a “very strong capacity to meet its financial commitments.” The differences from AAA are very small, Aa3 are judged to be of High Quality and are subject to very low credit risk. Meadows Place works hard to be fiscally responsible and it shows up in our Moody’s rating.  Click to see full report .

moody’sreport 2018

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