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Meadows Place Police Officer Saves Life

Award 1Meadows Place Police Officer Shahzad Khan receives the Life Saving Award.  Last month, a Meadows Place resident called EMS and said his daughter was choking. Officer Khan was the first to arrive on the scene and observed the victim was in distress, her face turning purple and that she was not getting air.  Without hesitation, Officer Khan’s responded and using his training to get proper positioning, and began administering the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge the airway obstruction.  Even as EMS Paramedics arrived and began assessment, Officer Khan continued administering the Heimlich maneuver and was able to dislodge the object blocking her airway. Soon, her color returned to normal and she began to breathe normally.

One of the paramedics that witnessed the events stated Officer Shahzad Khan Saved the patient’s life due to his quick response and because he did not give up.

At the City Council meeting on March 24th, Officer Kahn received a Life Saving Award from Meadows Place Police Chief Gary Stewart, who said “I am very proud of Officer Khan and his actions. His efforts represent the spirit of Meadows Place and the Honor, Integrity and Duty of the Meadows Place Police Department. It is with both honor and pleasure that I present the Meadows Place Lifesaving Award to Officer Shazad Khan.”  Officer Kahn was joined by his family, Mayor Charles Jessup and acting EMS Director Brian Petrillo as he received his award from Chief Stewart.

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