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Meadows Place Christmas Trees help rebuild Storm Ravaged Dunes

Since 1973, SOBA, or Save our Beach Association  gets help from hundreds of volunteers to rebuild its sand dunes—which can get washed back into the Gulf on bad storm years. After the volunteers stake our trees down, SOBA also scatters Sea Oats seed which helps by catching the blowing sand to rebuild the dunes. Sea Oats are very important to natural and artificial dune stabilization but they have to have something to grow on….and that’s where our trees come in.  They catch the sand and eventually act as fertilizer for the plants growing on them. A win-win all the way around. 

Thank you to all who donated a tree and thank you Santana and Public Works for gathering them up and taking them down to Surfside.  We appreciate it and I know SOBA members do too.

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