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Meadows Place Charter Committee Celebrates

The Meadows Place Home Rule Charter Committee is gathered together to celebrate the completion of the Home Rule Charter for the City of Meadows Place. This was the first time the Home Rule Committee has met in person since their initial meeting on December 16th,2020.  The Charter Committee submitted the proposed Charter to City  who must approve the proposed Charter, which is effectively the constitution of the City, and set a date for a Charter Election, where the Charter will be presented to eligible Meadows Place voters for approval and ratification.  The election is to be set at the July City Council Meeting.

The Meadows Place Home Rule Charter Committee was formed and consisted of a very hardworking group of residents who conducted their meetings by Zoom. In fact, we believe it is the only Charter Committee to create a charter electronically from start to finish. Another first for Meadows Place.  

The members of the committee are: Stuart Barrowman ; Steve Bezner ; Joe DeBruyn ; Jimmy Fenwick ; Chris Gawlik ; Tristan Ibarra;  David Lantz ; Anita Milne ; Matt Oltremari ; Richard Ramirez ; Nadya Shelton ; Sammy Skemp ; Ken Smith; Ben Weber-Chairman ; Alison Young and  Joseph Weymon.

Joining these dedicated committee members to celebrate all their hard work were the Mayor, City Administrator Nick Haby, City Secretary Courtney Rutherford, City Attorney Grady Randle and attorney Carl Allred who were participants in the many, many, Zoom meetings that took place.  

Congratulations and Thank You to everyone who helped put this Charter together

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