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Lawsuit Against City is Dismissed

Last year, 46 General Law cities like Meadows Place received a letter from a statewide criminal-justice advocacy group that demanded the cities repeal their Sex Offender Residency Restriction Ordinances and threatened a lawsuit against any city that did not do so.   Meadows Place was one of those cities.

In the face of that threat, at least 13 cities immediately chose to repeal their ordinances and several more followed as the threat of lawsuits became reality.   Meadows Place was NOT one of those cities.  We chose to fight.

Today, the City of Meadows Place is pleased to announce that thanks to the efforts of Randle Law Firm, Meadows Place Prosecutor Brian Middleton , Chief of Police Gary Stewart, Lt. Richard Simmons and with the support of the residents of Meadows Place, this case was thrown out!   

Thank You to Everyone who played a role, especially those who stood firm that night in City Hall.   

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