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Kirkwood Road Roundabout Reconstruction Project

The City of Meadows Place has issued a Notice to Proceed to Mar-Con Services to replace and reconstruct South Kirkwood beginning Jan. 2nd, 2019.  The construction will affect South Kirkwood Blvd. from the Fire Station down to the driveway of Sugar Grove Church. The project is slated to take a year, and Yes, it will be a mess.  All construction projects are. We learned that from W. Airport. This project is the final phase of the Meadows Place portion of a Fort Bend Mobility Bond Project. It is a city/county project with County Mobility bonds picking up the majority of the project.  Council has unanimously approved the contract, the engineering is complete, the pre-construction meeting has taken place and now the start-up preparation is being done. We are all set to go. Thanks go out to HDR Engineering, Asakura-Robinson and all the city staff who have worked so hard to make this happen on our end.

There was a project update at the Nov. 27th Council Meeting and there will be another opportunity for you to ask questions at the end of the Council Meeting on Dec. 18th.  In about a month, we will be reminding everyone of construction start up using Code Red, the City website and the official City of Meadows Place Facebook page. Again, it will be a mess, but when it is done,  the new Kirkwood thoroughfare will be safer, more beautiful, something special that separates us from our neighbors and says you are now in Meadows Place… Your Place for Life!

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