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Covid Continues but Threat Level Drops

  Updated : 6/21/2021– Fort Bend County at level Yellow  as numbers continue to decline.   is the Fort Bend Health Department Dashboard.   COVID HOTLINE:  281-633-7795   Vaccination Hotline (for questions only) 832-471-1373.  There have been   TWO HUNDRED NINETY-Five (295 ) confirmed Cases of COVID in Meadows Place since March 4th, 2020.  Six Hundred Eighty-Two (682)  people have DIED from COVID-19 in Fort Bend County in the same time frame. 

Cats & Covid. Cats can carry COVID. For information on Covid in cats, click here:

  You can make a difference in the numbers by the actions you take. Together we can Break the Chain of Transmission. Latest Recommendations to Minimize Risk:

  1. Everyone should use and PPE materials and wash hands frequently.
  2. Everyone should social distance  – even in a crowd wherever possible 
  3. Don’t have a large party – especially one indoors
  4. Don’t leave your house unnecessarily and don’t let your family leave  except for work and school
  5. If you feel ill (even if you think it is allergies), take a sick day or work from home if possible.
  6. They are expecting a big spike after Thanksgiving through New Years, especially if everyone ignores everything above….

  Fort Bend County Health & Human Services has established a call center for your COVID-19 related questions or concerns.  The call center is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  General Public  COVID HOTLINE:  281-633-7795

City Hall is Open to the public 9 to 4 .  Please follow COVID protocols- wash, mask required for Court Hearings and please, do NOT come to City Hall if you are ill.

The main number for City Hall is 281-983-2950

IPlease, Maintain all COVID-19 preventative measures. 

Meadows Place Mayor Charles Jessup , Police Chief Gary Stewart and Nick Haby, our City Administrator, regularly monitor data from County officials and discuss COVID-19.   

Meadows Place will distribute information via CodeRed, FaceBook and our website-depending on the urgency.  If you haven’t signed up for CodeRed, please do. It is simple. Just go to our website and click on CodeRed  under Forms & Applications to be taken to the signup page.  Thank You. 



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