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Fort Bend Mayors Get Vaccine Update

Who can get vaccinated now?

  • Our goal while vaccine supply is limited is to quickly vaccinate as many health care workers, residents of long-term care facilities, and people at risk of severe illness or death from COVID-19 as possible. Vaccine providers are encouraged to prioritize health care workers but can start vaccinating people in Phase 1B if they have vaccine available after vaccinating all available and willing people in Phase 1A. DSHS has posted additional guidance for vaccine providers.

Vaccine Availability

  • Vaccine supply is still limited but new shipments of vaccine will arrive in Texas each week.
  • The Texas COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Locations map shows the locations where vaccine has been sent. It will be updated weekly after the new shipments of vaccine have been shipped out to vaccine providers.

How do I find a place to get vaccinated?

  • Health care workers in Phase 1A should contact their employer about getting vaccinated. Smaller health care facilities and medical offices can reach out to large vaccine providers to arrange for vaccination of their employees. Visit the Texas COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Locations map to see which providers have received vaccine.
  • People in Phase 1B may be able to get vaccinated now if vaccine providers have vaccine available after vaccinating all Phase 1A people. Visit the Texas COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Locations map to see which providers have received vaccine and contact them to find out if you can make an appointment to get vaccinated. People can check the map weekly to determine if there is a vaccine provider near them.

Vaccine Safety

  • Information gathered in large-scale clinical trials and thoroughly reviewed by scientists at the FDA shows that the vaccines are safe and effective.

Vaccine Cost

  • The vaccine will be provided free of charge to anyone who wants it. For people with insurance, insurance will cover any fee to administer it by the provider. People without insurance won’t be charged.

Can the vaccine be required?

  • Getting vaccinated is voluntary, and people cannot be required to get the vaccine because it is being administered under an emergency use authorization, not as a fully licensed vaccine.

Preventing the Spread of COVID-19

  • People still need to take precautions like physical distancing and wearing a mask to help stop the spread of COVID-19 as people get vaccinated and we learn more about the immunity produced by the vaccines.
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