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FBISD selects Gensler Design for Meadows Elementary Makeover

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March 2, 2024

I received another call from FBISD Superintendent, Dr. Charles Dupre today, but this time it was good news!  He called to tell me that last night the FBISD School Board approved an architect for the rebuilding of Meadows Elementary, making it a 21st Century Learning Center….assuming the bond passes.  (Please vote on the bond issue)   The architect they chose is Gensler Design, an integrated architecture, design, planning and consulting firm who designs a lot of community schools.  They have a very impressive resume and, at FBISD instruction, will take measures to engage Meadows Place in the process.  Dr. Dupre  was adamant on that point because he realizes that Meadows Elementary is VERY important to our community. So much so that we call it “The Heartbeat of our Community”. That is all for now, but the district is moving forward so if the bond is approved they will be ready to get started.  I don’t have any details but will keep you posted as we find things out…but remember, this project will take several years.  Thank You Dr. Dupre. We appreciate your concern for Meadows Elementary and our little one square mile of wonderful.