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Early Voting has begun in Meadows Place

If you live in Fort Bend you can vote on all races and for all issues at City Hall in Meadows Place. 

I am urging all Meadows Place registered voters to vote and to share this post on every local Meadows Place media outlet they can. We have 3000 voters in this city and we need to see 3000 vote on the school bond issue. We CAN save Meadows Elementary. It is up to us. 

The city of Meadows Place made quite a name for itself during the Save Meadows Elementary campaign so let’s not let all that effort go to waste by not voting. . Please vote for whichever party or candidates please you, but please, check toward the Bottom of the Ballot for the Bond Issue and VOTE on the bond so we can make sure we Save Meadows Elementary and keep Meadows Place, Your Place for Life. Thank You.

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