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City Stiffens Laws on Catalytic Converter Theft

In order to help protect our residents from the current catalytic converter crime epidemic, Meadows Place City Council, with encouragement from the Police Department, unanimously passed Ordinance No. 2022-29 adopting a new Chapter 118, Titled “Catalytic Converters,” as part of the City of Meadows Place’s Code of Ordinances, relating to purchasers and sellers of catalytic converters; declaring certain conduct to be unlawful and providing a penalty.”

Our PD has recently confiscated (presumably) stolen Catalytic Converters and now this new ordinance will give them another tool in their toolbelt to keep these scumbag thieves away from Meadows Place.  Thank You to our City Council, City Administrator, PD and Legal Team at Randle Law Office for working so quickly and diligently to put this piece of legislative protection together.


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