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City of Meadows Place Benefits from Family Tradition

The Helfman family,  owners of the Helfman Car Dealerships, have supported the Greater Houston community for over 30 years.  There have been multiple beneficiaries of their generosity which now extends to the one square mile City of Meadows Place, home to Helfman Ford.  This time it comes in the form of 10 donated wheelchairs from Multi-Medical Equipment & Supplies.

This journey began a year ago with the Helfmans generously donating to the new Meadows Place All Inclusive Playground, which is currently under construction.  The wheelchairs are part of an ongoing project to make Meadows Place parks and facilities accessible to everyone, young and old alike.  Anyone confined to a wheelchair can appreciate the impact of this wheelchair donation. Since many physically disabled persons don’t have the resources required to buy a wheelchair, Eric and Blake Helman partnered with Adam and Robyn Burck of Multi-Medical Equipment & Supplies to remove this barrier to a better life. These 10 wheelchairs will help.

Meadows Place has joined a long list of communities enriched by the generosity of Alan and Renee Helfman and sons Eric and Blake Helfman who continue their legacy.   â€œWe appreciate the Helfmans commitment to Community Service, are excited by their energy and, with their help, expect even greater things for Meadows Place,” said Mayor Charles Jessup.

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