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City Facilities Repairs Funded- Happy New Year

Thankfully Meadows Place has a wonderful relationship with the County Commissioners and the County Judge which provided a golden opportunity to obtain over $500,000.00 in Federal ARPA funds (American Rescue Plan Act) which were being held and distributed through Fort Bend County. The Mayor was talking individually with two Commissioners about the changes brought on with redistricting and how that was going to affect Meadows Place. Both assured us that Meadows Place would not get hurt in any way and that our ongoing Parks Bond Project would be completed with no loss of funds.  Additionally, Grady Prestage, our outgoing Commissioner and our new Commissioner, Andy Meyers, got together after Meadows Place requested funding for some projects we could not fund at the moment. These items included major repairs and modernization at our Waste Water Treatment Plant that met the very narrow ARPA criteria.

 Meadows Place was prepared! Long story short, the County has awarded Meadows Place some $556,000.00 toward major investments in: Lift Station Pump(s) Replacement ( $175K), replacement of the original Bar Screen ($100K), a Generator, line and Controls at the Emergency Operations Center ($50K) and a Water Plant # 3 Generator System ($320K). This all happened in a matter of days right at the end of 2021 and would not have been possible had our Public Works Director, Rod Hainey not invested so much time and effort in updating and improving our Capital Improvement Plan. Kudos to him, City Administrator Nick Haby and Finance Director Anna-Maria Weston for working with him on it.  Rick Staigle and Tia Baker were also a factor. This was the Meadows Place leadership team in action. Thank You everyone. You produced some big results which will relieve a lot of worries about equipment failure and expensive repairs in the future.  We will keep you posted as we move forward on these critically important improvements.

What a great way to ring in the New Year.

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