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CENSUS 2020 -Why this Census is important

Census 2020 is very important to Meadows Place.  If we hit 5,000 population it means Meadows Place can vote on whether or not we want to go to Home Rule or stay a General Law city. The big difference is Home Rule cities do what they want to do and General Law cities do what the State tells them to do.  Additionally Home Rule can reduce the legislative interference in city affairs and we get to make our own rules – like terms of elected officials.  Home Rule also permits citizens to determine the form and administrative organization of their local government. BUT – to choose to do that we need to be a minimum of 5,000 population. We are close, so make sure to fill out your Census form and send it in.

Whether online or with pen on paper, we need to report everyone living here in Meadows Place and this Census is VERY important to Meadows Place so  please …please fill in your form. Thank you. 

FYI_ The Census bureau labeled us Stafford instead of Meadows Place.  But don’t worry, by working with the Census Bureau I found that we can turn them in with either Meadows Place or Stafford on them and the census Numbers will be reported properly.  At least that’s what Jim Castagneri,  the Geographic Coordinator at U.S. Census Bureau, confirmed.  He says, and I quote –

“ Rest assured, we will be coding responses to the correct City based on decades of geocoding work.”


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