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Budget Season

It is that time of year again, time to plan and prepare next year’s budget. In everything we do, The City of Meadows Place strives to raise our standards and improve our processes. Preparing the budget is no exception. We work hard and pay attention to the smallest of details. The fiscal, or financial, year for The City of Meadows Place runs from October 1st to September 30th of the following year. As you can imagine, this year we face additional difficulties and fiscal uncertainties as we must take into account state limitations, unfunded mandates, soaring fuel prices, uncertain costs due to inflation, supply chain problems and increases in medical coverage.

This year, our City Administrator, Nick Haby and Finance Director Anna-Maria Weston will meet with all City Department Heads to gather information in preparation of this next budget then present a proposed budget to Council for deliberation.

Some tough decisions will have to be made by Mayor and Council. The first meeting will be June 8th at the training center. There will be additional budget meetings and Public Hearings. We will post the Public Hearing dates in the Fort Bend Star, the Website, the official Facebook Page the marquee and the newsletter. You are invited to attend, ask questions and make comments. Hope to see you there.

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