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A Look Back at Some Great 2018 Accomplishments

Accomplished by Meadows Place in 2018 – just a few for you to review.  Thanks Meadows Place City Council and Staff !

Saved Meadows Elementary       

Created EDC Advisory Committee     

EDC Bought city 3 new banners -look great

Conducted a Parks Survey (Jan)  

Opened Discovery and Nature Center (got great press) Changing the city

Spring Concert with Candles on the Lake (UNICEF fundraiser) Wow…

Meadows Place selected as one of the best places to raise a family

Meadows Place YAC recognized at State gathering

Kid Fish – sponsored by CCA (again!) big success


Repaired Traveling Bridge in WWTP

SaveME Celebration

MP Took over Payroll – Big deal – savings ($18K)  – Much better service

City Hall -New Roof; New AC; New Courtroom Lights

Great articles in Ft. Bend Star – Human Trafficking, EOC, Nature Center

Monarch Madness Festival & Craft show (bigger) – worked w/ Garden Club

Positive Moody’s Report Aa3  – Improved rating from S&P to AA+ from AA

Got Sex Offender Lawsuit Against City Dismissed

Finalized FEMA reimbursements (whew)  – from Ike ($51,600 back to city)

Meadows Place ranked 8th best suburb in Greater Houston Area

Filled Code Enforcement Position

Initiated Several Zoning Changes –(maximize Special Use permit requirements)

Had ½ of city sewer lines cleaned and filmed

Adopted newer building, fire and health codes

Added to the Sterling McCall sign – developed a new rotation – video

Revised Past Due Utility process (speeding up process significantly)

Hosted 2018 City Sect. mtg. & Luncheon ( 1st time ! big success !)

Hosted Training Sessions with County, S L, Stafford and more

Held benefit Open House for staff

Changed Banks – Big Deal -save about $5 k a yr. – MUCH better service

W Airport Reconciliation request completed and received (from county)

Added Polar express to Christmas Memories

Landscaped City Hall – Improved landscaping at entrances

Completion of the NEVERFAIL System

Ongoing video series –   sponsored by EDC – good feedback

Began Drone flights and videos

Irrigation Training for Public Works Staff

New Isolation valves at Water Plant # 2

Partnered with Fire Dept to speak with kids at summer camp

Booked 32 field trips to the Nature Center for 2018 -2019 school year.

Completed the TML rerate paperwork

Set a record for street repairs

Added Eco-Friendly bathroom near the park and school

We have great plans for 2019 too !!!

Continuous Improvement ensures Meadows Place will always be ….Your Place for Life 



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