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Issues with Trash Pick Up

As I drive around the City of Meadow Place I often see issues with trash cans being placed on sidewalks. I always worry when I seen this, first about the ability of a handicap person not being able to use the sidewalk. Second, that this is occurring more and more. I encourage you not to place trash cans or any type of trash such as tree limbs, cardboard, or furniture on a sidewalk. All trash should be placed between the curb and the sidewalk.

I also see that some residents place trash cans in the street. This is also something we as a community should not be doing. All it takes is for one accident to occur due to the inability of a driver not being able to safely drive or maneuver our streets. Let’s take the risk out of this type of accident occurring in our community. Please place all trash between the curb and the sidewalk. Thank you.

Danny Segundo



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