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FEMA Still Meeting Weekly with City

The Storm Debris is gone  and most of the damage has been repaired or replaced, yet the paperwork remains.  FEMA representatives still meet once a week with city staff to make sure all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed as the City submits paperwork for re-reimbursement.  Certain types of claims may be made under Permanent Work categories and Expenses for Personnel may be claimed under very specific guidelines – assuming documentation is provided. The same on equipment, rentals, provisions, contracts, etc.   Fortunately key Meadows Place had received FEMA training less than two weeks before Harvey struck the area and this has helped expidite matters greatly. Thanks also to the Governor’s Task force and edicts as  FEMA has been very cooperative and helpful.  Included in these meetings, on an as need basis, are each of the Department Heads and support staff. The meetings usually last about two hours and are quite productive. Meadows Place is working hard to make sure we are to recover all reimbursable  funds for the tax payers of Meadows Place. 

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