Dorrance Lane Improvements: Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this project happening?

  • The project starts at Kirkwood Rd. and ends just beyond the Oxford Glen Ln. intersection.

How long will this take (Duration)?

  • The project is expected to take 5 months

Who should I call if I have a question or concern?

City of Meadows Place: 281-983-2950
Statewide Services Office: 713-864-3368
Emeterio Ocampo (Statewide Services site superintendent): 713-703-1356
Mel Allison (Statewide Services PM): 713-545-8006
Steve Arnold (HDR Engineering site representative): 281-541-8438
Ngoc Le (HDR Engineering PM): 832-264-2395

How much of Dorrance is being impacted?

  • 1000 ft., they are doing 500 ft. at a time to allow parking in the street for residents temporarily without access to their driveways.

How will I know when the project is starting?

  • Prior to start of project in June, door hangers will be provided to residents that will contain important dates and emergency contact info.

How will this impact traffic?

  • One side of the road will be closed 500 ft. at a time.
  • West bound done first, traffic flow is east bound

Where do I park my vehicles?

  • Street parking will NOT be allowed in the construction zone.
  • Contractors are completing 500 ft. at a time to allow parking in the street for residents temporarily without access to their driveways.

Will I lose water at my home?

  • Yes, temporarily. Door hangers will be provided in advance to residents with info about service interruptions.
  • Water line installation will happen before roadway construction

Only part of my driveway is being replaced. Can I pay someone to replace the rest of my driveway?

  • You can work with the contractors completing the road improvements or you can hire any company you would like. Keep in mind, if you use someone other than the contractor working on the street, you will need to arrange a schedule that works for everyone and get a permit with the city.

Do I need a “Right of Way” entry form?

  • Not all homes require a “Right of Way” entry form. Residents who need a form have already been contacted by the city. If you believe you need one, please contact the city, (281) 983-2950.

What is going to happen to my mailbox and where do I put my trash and recycling?

  • Contractor shall always maintain a minimum 10-foot lane for resident access, emergency vehicles, school buses, postal service, and trash pickup.
  • The city is working with the Postmaster and Texas Pride to determine a plan for trash pickup and postal delivery. Mailboxes and trash/recycle cans will be placed across the street from the current residence to allow access.

Will the rest of Dorrance receive improvements?

  • Yes. In fact, Phase 2 which spans from Oxford Glen Ln. to the dog park has already been designed. City Council will meet to discuss future phases of road improvements for the city.