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Freeze Pickup Update

Garbage Service Update::: March 3, 2021

Regular AND Recycle Pick-up with special Freeze rules in effect.  Remember –

We have special rules for post freeze debris.  Here are the criteria. Call Texas Pride, or go to their website if you have any questions.
– We will collect 8 TOTAL bags and/or bundles of debris. If there is more than this curbside, it will not be collected and it will be tagged as a pay pile.
Please Send Photos and your address to us here for a proposal for removal or Personal Pick-Up.
– Food waste from freezers or refrigerators should be bagged and marked FOOD WASTE. (This WILL be picked up)
– Drywall must be bagged under 40 pounds.
– Carpet, flooring, branches, and pipes must be tied and bundled under 4′ and 40 pounds.
– Limit two bulk items per service day (furniture, appliances, etc.).
– Debris not meeting this criteria will be tagged as a pay pile.
There are several reasons why some of the city trash may not  get picked up on its assigned day. Massive volume, long lines at the dump and crews new to the city all played a role. Mostly new crews that are not familiar with our wonderful One Square Mile city.  Public Works Director Rod Hainey is in continuous contact with Texas Pride and works with them to ensure as prompt a pickup as possible. 

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